UK2000 announces EGLC London City Airport for MSFS, set for May 4th release

UK2000, who launched Indianapolis Executive Airport just a few days ago, has announced today the upcoming release of London City Airport (EGLC) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Set to launch on May 4th, London’s business-focused airport will be priced at £14.99 and aims to give Orbx a run for its money, as they challenge the popular scenery released by the Australian studio when MSFS was launched back in 2020.

Located in the East end of London, London City Airport was first proposed in 1981. Initially met with skepticism, the project eventually gained support from the London Docklands Development Corporation, which saw the airport as a means to stimulate economic growth in the area. Construction began in 1986, and the airport officially opened on November 5, 1987, with a single runway and a small terminal building.

Initially serving only a few routes, including Amsterdam and Paris, the airport quickly grew in popularity due to its convenient location and efficient check-in and security procedures. In 1991, a new terminal building was constructed to accommodate the increasing number of passengers. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, the airport continued to expand, with the addition of new airlines and destinations, as well as improvements to the terminal and runway. In 2005, the airport underwent a major redevelopment, which included the construction of a new control tower, an extended runway, and a second terminal building.

Today, London City Airport serves over 4.8 million passengers annually, with flights to over 45 destinations across Europe, including major business centres such as Frankfurt, Zurich, and Geneva. The airport has become an important hub for business travellers and has contributed significantly to the economic development of the surrounding area. For pilots, it’s notable for its steep 5.5-degree glide path.

The upcoming release of UK2000’s London City Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator aims to provide simmers with an accurate and detailed representation of the airport, capturing its unique features and characteristics. UK2000 has utilized high-resolution textures, custom 3D models, and accurate ground markings to faithfully recreate the airport’s layout and atmosphere.

In addition to the main terminal buildings, taxiways, and runway, UK2000’s London City Airport also includes accurate representations of the recently installed remote control tower, the steep 5.5-degree glide path, and the surrounding docklands area. These features promise to deliver a challenging and engaging flying experience for simmers seeking to hone their skills at one of the UK’s most unique airports.

To showcase the detailed scenery and features of their London City Airport, UK2000 has released a YouTube video that showcases the scenery in detail.

With the release date set for Thursday, May 4th, priced at £14.99, simmers can look forward to adding a new rendition of London City Airport to their MSFS airport portfolio. The question is: how will this compare to the existing options in the simulator? We will soon find out!

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