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Simple Airlines kündigt HTKJ Kilimanjaro Airport für MSFS an

17. Februar 2023Category : Uncategorized
Simple Airlines kündigt HTKJ Kilimanjaro Airport für MSFS an

Vuelosimple has announced the imminent release of its next airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After focusing on regional airports in the Americas, Vuelosimple is now inviting MSFS simmers to visit an iconic region in Africa with the upcoming release of HTKJ Kilimanjaro Intl. Airport.

Standing at 5,895 meters above sea level, Mount Kilimanjaro is one of Africa’s most recognizable landmarks. Its cultural significance for the continent is unparalleled regarding natural features, which have elevated Kilimanjaro to a nearly mythical status. It’s no wonder that tourists from all over the world come to visit this place, and the best way to reach its premises is through the appropriately-named Kilimanjaro Airport, located just around 50mk to the southwest of the mountain.

Vuelosimple shared with us the news that their rendition of HTKJ is almost ready for release in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This airport will look to recreate Africa’s environment with realistic custom buildings, vehicles, and vegetation, taking advantage of the impressive natural scenery nearby to offer a unique experience to MSFS simmers.

HTKL Kilimanjaro Airport MSFS 10

HTKL Kilimanjaro Airport MSFS 9

HTKL Kilimanjaro Airport MSFS 8

HTKL Kilimanjaro Airport MSFS 7

HTKL Kilimanjaro Airport MSFS 6

HTKL Kilimanjaro Airport MSFS 5

HTKL Kilimanjaro Airport MSFS 3

HTKL Kilimanjaro Airport MSFS 2

HTKL Kilimanjaro Airport MSFS 1

Vuelosimple’s rendition of Kilimanjaro Airport will feature a complete hand-modeled airport with realistic interiors in the main terminal and tower, along with other important characteristics of the airport, such as Air Tanzania’s huge hangar, the VIP terminal, and Swissport’s cargo hangars.

We always like to see new airports located in less-explored regions in Microsoft Flight Simulator, so we can’t wait to see Vuelosimple’s Kilimanjaro Airport available in the simulator. The release is scheduled for March 2nd, so it won’t take long!

Main Features:

  • Hand-modeled Main Terminal and Control Tower with accurate interiors.
  • Air Tanzania gigantic hangar (largest in Africa).
  • VIP terminal, Swissport Cargo hangars.
  • Aprons and taxiways up to date with new ground materials and markings.
  • New runway materials.
  • Detailed night lighting.


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