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(Sehen Sie sich den Trailer an!) iniBuilds kündigt ein neues klassisches Flugzeug für MSFS an: die Bf108 Taifun

11. Februar 2023Category : Uncategorized
(Sehen Sie sich den Trailer an!) iniBuilds kündigt ein neues klassisches Flugzeug für MSFS an: die Bf108 Taifun

Update, February 10th: As promised, iniBuilds published today a trailer video for the Taifun. Watch it below to see the airplane in action and some of its key features!

iniBuilds is proving to be one of the most prolific development studios for Microsoft Flight Simulator, presenting us with a continuous stream of new airports and add-ons to enjoy in the simulator. A few days after their introduction as developers of the Antonov An-225, iniBuilds announced today the imminent arrival of a new aircraft in its Classic series, which debuted with the P-40F a few months ago.

This time, the team is traveling to Germany to recreate the Messerschmitt Bf108 Taifun, a single-engined sports and touring airplane introduced in 1935. In an official announcement through the company’s forums, iniBuilds says that the team greatly enjoyed their time developing the P-40F and decided to continue creating similar historic aircraft for MSFS.

Typically from iniBuilds, this project is presented to us in its very final stages of development. This allows us to see the airplane in all its glory, with visuals and features that represent the final product very faithfully. iniBuilds seems very proud of their achievement with the Taifun, which they say has been built with “all the bells and whistles”.










Like the P-40F, the Bf108 will use the CFD system available in MSFS, which should enable the aircraft to behave realistically in the virtual skies. Furthermore, iniBuilds promises an “authentically modeled engine” that will deliver true-to-life performance. This is accompanied by other simulation features such as fuel system modeling, enhanced STOL performance provided by the Taifun’s unique leading edge slats, and more.

This package will also include a fully functional EFB that will enable a few maintenance functions, a map, weather information, rain cover options, and additional settings. While indeed a helpful tool, some simmers may find the use of an electronic device in this kind of airplane a bit unrealistic, so iniBuilds makes its use totally optional.

The iniBuilds Bf108 is nearly ready for launch and it will be available during this month of February. A trailer video will be published this Friday (Feb 10th) to whet your appetite. Pricing has not been disclosed, but we’re expecting something along the lines of the P-40F (£14.99).











Main Features:

  • Utilizing the latest in CFD implementation from Microsoft in aspects of flight including the primary flight surfaces, control surfaces and the propeller
  • Authentically modelled engine, delivering true to life performance
  • Fully modelled and functional fuel system, utilizing the new fuel mechanics offered by Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Fully functional leading edge slats giving Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities
  • Fully functional EFB – including maintenance page, moving map, weather information, rain cover options and settings. This is an optional feature, for those wishing to have a more authentic experience (EFB can be toggled off)
  • Authentic WWISE sound set
  • Removable rain cover with Eight colours
  • Various interactive touch points, including functional doors and windows, cockpit curtains and foldable wings!
  • Ten 4K liveries using the latest industry techniques, whilst maintaining an authentic style of the aircraft
  • Ability to switch between German and English cockpit labels
  • Ability to switch between Metric and Imperial gauges
  • Automated full checklists with evaluation mode


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