Pyreegue Releases exquisite East Midlands Airport scenery for MSFS

Pyreegue Dev Co. has emerged as one of the most talented scenery developers in Microsoft Flight Simulator, consistently delivering high-quality, immersive, and realistic airport environments, particularly for the British Isles. The developer’s latest release, the East Midlands Airport (EGNX), is no exception and is sure to impress simmers with outstanding fidelity and attention to detail!

Following other locations such as Belfast and Glasgow, Pyreegue has now turned his eyes to the heart of England with East Midlands Airport, which serves as a bustling regional hub for both passengers and cargo. It’s a gateway to adventure, trade, and exploration, making it an essential part of every sim pilot’s route network. With this release, simmers can now experience the airport in all its glory, with a level of detail and realism that truly brings the EGNX to life in MSFS.

Pyreegue’s EGNX comes packed with numerous cool features, such as the LiDAR-scanned elevation model that captures all the unique features of the local terrain, including the runway, and up-to-date satellite imagery that covers the airport and surrounding areas, including Donington Park. Custom ground polygons with thousands of markings and accurate weathering provide an additional layer of realism.

The developer complemented the superbly-detailed airport with custom modeling for the surrounding areas, which include the Donington Park Racing Circuit with animated GT vehicles, Ratcliffe Power Station, SEGRO Warehouse Park, EMA Gateway Railway Terminal, and several hotels and facilities. Furthermore, there are the very cool animated Skylink Busses and impressive modeling of ATC/OPS Tower interiors.

For those who like to see some activity at the gates, static airliners are available on stands 8, 11, 16, 33, 43, 101. These can be toggled on or off. Dynamic gate doors are also included as long as you have GSX installed.

Pyreegue’s EGNX East Midlands Airport add-on is now available for download via Contrail, priced at €19.99.

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