Orbx announces major upgrade to EGLC London City Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx has revealed an exciting update for their rendition of EGLC London City Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Australian-based company has been working diligently on a significant upgrade to their EGLC scenery, dubbed EGLC v2, which promises to deliver a more up-to-date experience to simmers.

EGLC v2 will incorporate the airport’s recent expansion, including a parallel taxiway, new parking stands, and the state-of-the-art remote digital control tower. Additionally, Orbx has completely rebuilt the airport, featuring ATC tower interiors, new custom ground poly, and various other enhancements to improve overall visual fidelity.

Orbx’s EGLC v2 is designed to integrate seamlessly with their London Landmarks scenery, providing simmers with stunningly realistic scenery of London’s iconic landmarks for truly immersive approaches into the heart of the city. The completely rebuilt airport will boast new textures and material enhancements, adding to the already high level of detail and realism provided by Orbx.

Existing owners of EGLC London City Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be eligible for an upgrade to EGLC v2 at a small fee. An exact release date for EGLC v2 has not been announced yet.

This announcement comes just as UK2000 has revealed its own release of EGLC for MSFS, set to launch this week, on May 4th. The competition between Orbx and UK2000 will undoubtedly drive both companies to deliver high-quality and accurate airport renditions, providing simmers with two good options to choose from.

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