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Nemeth Designs veröffentlicht den Partenavia P68B Victor für MSFS

13. Februar 2023Category : Uncategorized
Nemeth Designs veröffentlicht den Partenavia P68B Victor für MSFS

Nemeth Designs has released its latest aircraft for MSFS: the Partenavia P68B Victor.

This is the team’s fourth aircraft for the simulator, following the SIAI/Marchetti S.205, Yakovlev Yak-18T, and Aero-Works Aerolite 103.

The P68B Victor is a a twin-engine light aircraft, initially built by Partenavia and now by Vulcanair, both Italian companies.

Partenavia P68B Victor MSFS 9

Initially introduced in 1974, the aircraft has seen use in passenger, military, cargo, and law enforcement roles. With a a range of 750 miles and a service ceiling of 19,000 feet, the Victor can cruise at just under 160 knots, and has a strikingly designed fuselage.

Nemeth Design’s recreation of the aircraft features a detailed visual model, 4k textures, custom flight dynamics, and 12 liveries.

The manual, available via the developer’s website, also provides a range of information as to the aircraft’s systems, as well as the expected cockpit layout explanation.

Especially of note with this aircraft is the short distance it requires to takeoff and land: 307m and 248m respectively, making it ideal for short, remote runways, and comparable to the Britten-Norman Islander in that respect.

Another unusual feature of note in the Victor, replicated in Nemeth Design’s recreation, is the full wrap-around cockpit windshield. With no vertical support pillars, this leads to excellent unobstructed visibility.

The Nemeth Designs P68B Victor is available now for £16.16.

Partenavia P68B Victor MSFS 2

Partenavia P68B Victor MSFS 3

Partenavia P68B Victor MSFS 4

Partenavia P68B Victor MSFS 5

Partenavia P68B Victor MSFS 6

Partenavia P68B Victor MSFS 7

Partenavia P68B Victor MSFS 12

Partenavia P68B Victor MSFS 11

Partenavia P68B Victor MSFS 10

Partenavia P68B Victor MSFS 8


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