MM Simulations releases impressive rendition of EBLG Liege Airport for MSFS

If you are looking for a very detailed cargo airport for some logistics operations in Europe, MM Simulations’ latest release may be perfect for you. EBLG Liege Airport is an international airport situated 5 nautical miles west of Liège in Wallonia, Belgium. Primarily focused on air freight, Liege Airport is Europe’s 5th largest cargo airport and the 22nd largest in the world as of the end of 2021. The official product images shared by the developer showcase a promising and highly detailed scenery that aims to satisfy the most discerning simmers!

Located in the heart of the golden triangle between Paris, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, Liege Airport handles 66% of European freight, a figure that rises to 75% when including London. As the global hub of ASL Airlines Belgium (formerly TNT Airways), the airport is also utilized by other cargo carriers on a scheduled or irregular basis.

The EBLG Liege Airport scenery from MM Simulations boasts numerous features such as accurately modeled terminal and interiors, custom night lighting, parking positions matching real-life counterparts, custom surroundings, custom people and animated objects, and PBR materials.

The attention to detail and dedication to accuracy are apparent, making the EBLG Liege Airport a very realistic new airport addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator and worthy of serious consideration if you’re looking for a decent representation of this airport in MSFS.

EBLG Liege Airport is now available for around €22.


Accurately modeled terminal and interior

Custom night lighting

Custom parking positions matching with real life

 Custom surroundings

Custom people and animated objects

PBR Materials

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