Miltech Simulations announces their newest project for MSFS: the CH-47 Chinook

Miltech Simulations, known for the rather interesting MV-22 Osprey, have announced a new project for MSFS. This time, the team continues in the rotorcraft realm and is developing the legendary CH-47 Chinook helicopter. This is an iconic heavy-lift helicopter of American origin, one of the heaviest-lifting Western helicopters and still in active service after more than 60 years since its introduction.

The CH-47 Chinook represents a significant undertaking for Miltech Simulations. The team claims that this will be their most detailed product to date in terms of 3D modeling, with extensive detail both internally and externally. Initially, the company plans to release the -D version of the helicopter, which features an analog cockpit, characteristic of the earlier models.

However, plans are also in place to release a variant of the Chinook with a more modern glass cockpit.

A passenger transport variant of the Chinook is also planned. The Chinook has not only been used in the military but has been exported to nations across the world for a variety of uses including passenger and cargo transport, aerial firefighting, and to support logging, construction, and oil extraction industries.

Miltech Simulations didn’t provide much additional information at this point about this project, but it’s great to see the team continues to be active following the success of the Osprey (they’re also giving a helping hand to DC Designs on the C-5 Galaxy). However, the team did share a couple of very impressive teaser shots of the Chinook’s cockpit, which you can see above in detail.

The release of the CH-47 Chinook for Microsoft Flight Simulator is scheduled for the end of Q3 2023, with more details to come in the meantime. Stay tuned!

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