Kav Simulations unveils another piece for your home cockpit: the A3xx EFIS LCD Unit

Following the successful launch of their Airbus FCU LCD Unit, Kav Simulations has unveiled their latest product, the A3xx EFIS LCD Unit, designed to further expand the company’s affordable hardware portfolio for home cockpit builders.

The A3xx EFIS LCD Unit is a bespoke display made to work seamlessly with popular software like MobiFlight or be independently implemented into existing hardware. Crafted with high-quality materials, the LCD display is custom designed for the Airbus A320 family of aircraft, providing a realistic and accurate representation of this screen.

The backlight of the display is independently powered, and has its own pins for power, allowing the backlight intensity to be controlled separately. The EFIS unit comes with the pin headers pre-soldered for the connection pins, with optional pin headers on the opposite side to assist with mounting to a PCB if needed.

The EFIS and FCU LCD units from Kav Simulations.

The A3xx EFIS LCD Unit is available for a promotional price of 41,95€ for the first week of release only. Customers can also take advantage of a special offer: buy 2x EFIS LCD’s and get 1x FCU LCD with 20% off using the promo code 2EFIS20%FCU.

It’s important to note that the FCU unit is not included with the EFIS unit. It’s a standalone device, priced at €58,95 (plus shipping). It’s now also compatible with SimpleFCU, which offers even more options if you’re looking to build a custom cockpit in your home.

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