HCG Digital Arts releases the luxurious Spartan 7W Executive for Microsoft Flight Simulator

While it missed the window for some weekend fun, the Spartan 7W Executive from HCG Digital Arts is now ready for takeoff in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Simmers can now fire up MSFS and step into the luxury of the 1930s, experiencing firsthand this remarkable testament to innovation and technology from a century ago.

The Spartan 7W Executive was a symbol of opulence and engineering prowess. Manufactured by the Spartan Aircraft Company, it was designed to cater to a wealthy clientele who desired the ultimate in flying luxury. The 7W was an impressive piece of engineering for its time, boasting an all-metal construction, retractable landing gear, and a cruise speed of around 215 mph, powered by a 450-horsepower Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior engine.

The aircraft’s exceptional performance and stylish design made it a favorite among celebrities, entrepreneurs, and even royalty. Famous owners of the Spartan 7W Executive included oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, and King Ghazi of Iraq. With fewer than 40 of these exquisite aircraft produced, the Spartan 7W Executive remains a rare and sought-after gem in the world of aviation.

HCG Digital Arts has now brought this aircraft to life in MSFS and promises to offer a fairly authentic and immersive experience for simmers. The aircraft comes with numerous features including Asobo’s latest propeller simulation and computational fluid dynamics, a custom Wwise sound pack, GNS-530, KAP140 autopilot, an accurate flight model, dust, heat, and smoke effects, 5 real-world liveries, a realistic startup procedure, window icing, animated gear/suspension, an interactive window and door, a custom passenger model, 4K PBR textures, and a user manual. Phew!

For this project, HCG Digital Arts received invaluable assistance from Jim Savage, a real-world owner of the Spartan 7W Executive. Savage provided key photographs and a wealth of information, contributing significantly to the authenticity and uniqueness of this virtual model for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Future updates promise to bring body icing, more livery options, and general fixes as needed. However, the developer warns that further development will be slow until September, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see any of the promised new features in the coming weeks.

HCG’s Spartan 7W Executive is another cool addition to the selection of vintage aircraft available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. If this is right up your alley, head to simMarket to get your copy!

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