FSReborn’s FSR500 is out now for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Today marks the exciting release of FSReborn’s FSR500 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a high-fidelity simulation of the Piper M500, exclusively available on the MSFS Marketplace for $32.99. This highly anticipated project showcases the developer’s profound love for aircraft simulations and an eye for meticulous detail, promising an immersive turboprop experience unlike anything else we’ve seen in MSFS!

The journey leading up to this release has been nothing short of thrilling. The FSR500 transitioned from alpha to beta testing status earlier this year, and since then we’ve seen all the sigs of a stunning and comprehensive product. Raul Morales, the lead developer behind this endeavor, has previously shared his team’s dedication to delivering a masterpiece, emphasizing their unparalleled commitment to detail.

Raul expressed his excitement for the release, stating “I am very excited, me and the team cannot wait to see your reactions and receive feedback to see what else I can improve even further! I will be ready to handle the release and share reactions, feedback, questions, etc., you might have when it goes live.

The FSR500 is touted to set new standards in Microsoft Flight Simulator, with unprecedented levels of attention to detail, immersion, and realism. For new users, FSReborn promises a seamless introduction to the aircraft, guiding users through a welcome process complete with a link to the user manual or a set of tutorial videos for those who prefer visual cues.

There’s a lot to unpack in the FSR500, but here are the main features:

Realistic night lighting, exterior lighting and ambient lighting inside the cabin.

CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamics fully implemented into the flight model.

Realistic flight model tested by real world pilots of this class of aircraft.

MSFS rain and icing effects included.

Highly accurate 3D model and animations.
Opening doors, chocks, propeller covers, security cones, Ground Power Unit and red carpet included with the product.

Ground Operations simulation, where the product comes with its own fuel truck and passenger vehicles allowing the end user to fully experience out of the box how their aircraft is refuelled with connecting hoses, passengers arriving at the aircraft, bags being loaded into the airplane, etc. The product comes with 1 fuel truck and various passenger transport vehicles such as limousines and SUVs.

Passengers behavioural simulation in flight, you will need to be careful about how hungry, thirsty, cold or hot your passenger become when you fly. Even the way you land will affect their mod!

Custom Physics simulation, even pillows will fall of your seats depending how you push your flight envelope.

Tablet EFB to operate many options of the aircraft, including fuel, weight, chocks, pitot tubes, props covers, tyre pressure, brakes pads, battery charge, engine maintenance, lighting bulbs and many more.

Full custom coded checklist as per original aircraft POH (Pilot Operational Handbook) with interactive co-pilot.

Custom maintenance module (via the EFB) which manages wear and tear to many components of the aircraft alongside with realistic behaviours, failures and consequences in your flight such as, engine failures, Hot Starts, brake failures, electrical failures, tyre’s air pressure and many others real world circumstances encountered by real world pilots.

Full custom ITT simulation in accordance to real world data and scenarios.

Full custom Engine Turboprop simulation in accordance to real world data and scenarios.

Full custom Cabin Pressurization system in accordance to real world data and scenarios.

Full custom climate control system in accordance to real world data and scenarios.

Over 90 fully operational circuit breakers, all working in accordance to real world pilots’ feedback and guidance.

Over 100+ possible types of failures in accordance to real world pilots’ feedback and guidance. (Note you can disable all failures if desired)

Full Navigraph integration into the Tablet EFB and also the G1000Nxi display units, allowing to fully display charts, maps and many navigational features just as real-world pilots do. (Please note this requires an active subscription with Navigraph).

Full Integration with SimBrief allowing you to automatically and seamlessly import SimBrief flight plans into your EFB / Tablet and your G1000Nxi units.

4K highly detailed PBR textures for the best immersion experience possible.

13 liveries included.

The FSReborn FSR500 is now available exclusively through the MSFS Marketplace, priced at $32.99. Will this aircraft set a new benchmark for a turboprop simulation in MSFS? Let’s find out!

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