Explore the UK with SoFly’s newest pack of audio tours

Every flight simmer with a soft spot for adventure, history, or simply a fondness for all things British will be happy to hear that SoFly has just released a new product range for Microsoft Flight Simulator that starts with a focus on the United Kingdom. Aptly named “Explore: UK (Pack 1)“, this is a homage to the cultural and vibrant cities of the UK and is designed to be enjoyed at a slow pace.

Explore: UK (Pack 1) offers a scenic discovery flight across six UK cities: London, Brighton, Bristol, Eastbourne, Portsmouth, and Southampton. But this is no ordinary sightseeing tour. Equipped with fully voiced audio descriptions of landmarks and points of interest, the pack takes the simmer on a narrated tour of 120 iconic locations, providing a rich tapestry of stories, history, and trivia about each landmark.

Here’s what you’re getting with this new product from SoFly:

Discover six of the UK’s most cultural and significant cities in the South of the UK

Audio descriptions of 120 landmarks, points of interest and important locations

Fully voiced with the latest audio technology

Fly at your own pace with no time restrictions

Choose between piloting a helicopter or aircraft as you fly over each city

Fully compatible with the United Kingdom World Update, which adds more realism with photogrammetry details, landmarks and up-to-date imagery

Explore: UK (Pack 1) is the first of many. If you find yourself already yearning for more, rest assured that SoFly plans to release Explore: UK (Pack 2) next month. For those whose wanderlust extends beyond the British Isles, SoFly has also teased the development of USA packs, set to launch later this year. Given a positive response, we can expect more packs featuring other countries through 2024 and beyond.

At £5.99 / €6.99 / $7.99 / $11.95 AUD, Explore: UK offers an affordable way to relax while learning about some of the UK’s most iconic landmarks.

Explore: UK (Pack 1) is now available on SoFly and Orbx, and should be available very soon for both PC and Xbox users via the in-sim Marketplace.

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