Cockspur announces imminent release of the 162 Skycatcher for Microsoft Flight Simulator

In a surprising new announcement, Cockspur has revealed the imminent release of a new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the 162 Skycatcher. This airplane has been brewing as a side project among Cockspur’s developers, following the release of the impressive C510 Mustang.

Cockspur’s Sebastien Darrell reveals that the team has a few “side projects” kept under wraps due to their exploratory nature and uncertain release timelines, which serve as experimental ventures that allow the team to innovate and dabble in diverse development domains. This time, their diligent tinkering has resulted in one of Cessna’s most recent ventures, the 162 Skycatcher, a project which is now nearing completion with only the final packaging stages pending.

The Cessna 162 Skycatcher is a testament to Cessna’s enduring legacy of designing versatile and reliable light aircraft. Introduced in 2007, the Skycatcher is a two-seat, single-engine, high-wing aircraft that embraces the fundamental characteristics of the light sport aircraft category.

An embodiment of simplicity and efficiency, the Skycatcher is powered by a 100-horsepower Continental O-200D engine. It boasts a maximum speed of approximately 118 knots and a range of around 400 nautical miles, striking an ideal balance between performance and economy. The Skycatcher’s handling qualities are robust and friendly, making it a popular choice for flight training, short-haul travels, and leisure flights.

Cockspur has worked closely with SparkyPilot86, a pilot known for flying the same aircraft in real life. Their partnership aimed to replicate the systems and flight model of the 162 Skycatcher as faithfully as possible.

Cockspur has also entered into an agreement with Rainier Flight Service. This collaboration will incorporate the liveries of Rainier’s entire fleet of 12 162s into the default options provided with the package, enabling users to select from a variety of authentic designs.

Two variants of the 162 Skycatcher will be included in the package – one with wheel fairings and one without.

The 162 Skycatcher will be priced at $19.99, an accessible price point for both casual and dedicated flight sim enthusiasts. It will be available for use on both PC and Xbox. It should be out very soon!

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