Black Square’s brand new TBM 850 approaching completion for MSFS

Black Square continues to push the envelope, offering increasingly impressive aircraft experiences for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After presenting us with brilliant Steam Gauge Overhauls for the King Air, Grand Caravan, Bonanza, and Baron, the developer is now venturing into creating entirely new aircraft. These come complete with brand-new models, animations, and the in-depth system simulation that Black Square has become known for.

Following the introduction of the also highly-promising Turbine Duke, we’re now getting more details about another aircraft the developer is working on in parallel: the TBM 850.

The Black Square TBM 850 is an entirely new model, built from scratch for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This aircraft promises a lot, not only in terms of visuals but also on a technical level. It aims to be one of the most advanced aircraft simulations available for MSFS.

Just Flight is once again partnering with Black Square to assist in the marketing and publishing of this new project. They have shared a comprehensive list of features and specs for the upcoming TBM 850 today. There’s much to be excited about, particularly in the simulation department. For example, the TBM 850 is slated to feature nearly 100 possible failures, including new turbine engine failures.

This will be an airplane that you’ll need to manage in-flight and operate with consideration, much like pilots do in the real world. Additional features include hot-swappable radio configurations, offering plenty of customization possibilities, and advanced pressurization and cabin temperature simulations, which are significant steps toward added immersion in the cockpit.

Most elements in Black Square’s TBM 850 appear to be developed from scratch. However, the sound package will be based on the default TBM 930, albeit heavily customized.

The full details are now available on Just Flight’s website. The TBM 850 is due for release in the next couple of months, according to Just Flight – great news indeed!

For now, enjoy the in-depth details about this exciting take on the TBM 850, along with the stunning preview images that accompany this update.

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