British Aerospace BAE 146

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Airbus A400M

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Aerosoft’s A330 for MSFS nearing completion, release likely this summer

Aerosoft has been working for a very long time on its highly-anticipated simulation of the Airbus A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The wide-body airliner is one of the most interesting projects currently in development for the simulator, despite some apprehension from a spectrum of simmers who have some doubts about the developer’s goals with the project. The level of depth and detail that will feature in the Aerosoft A330 is still to be determined, but it’s safe to say that it won’t be up to the high realism of the PMDG 737 or the Fenix A320. Mathijs Kok, Project Manager at Aerosoft, has continuously said that they aim to deliver the experience of an airline pilot’s day-to-day job, rather than simulating the aircraft itself. As a result, they focus more on daily procedures, like opening the flight deck door, rather than rare events like N1 spiking. “I simply have no idea what a ‘study level’ aircraft is. Honestly. No idea. I see it used a lot by marketing departments and YouTubers but I never see a real pilot calling any DLC ‘study level’.” He said this week in the company’s official forums. He added that even if they spent another […]

iniBuilds releases New York-JFK International Airport for MSFS

iniBuilds has released today their stunning new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator: New York-JFK International Airport. This release will undoubtedly be an exciting add-on for airliner pilots in MSFS as they’ll be able to fly to and from this international mega-hub with over 130 gates spread across five active terminals! Located in the bustling city of New York, JFK Airport is a hub for both international and cargo flights. And, with iniBuilds promising updates to coincide with real-life construction projects, the airport’s virtual representation is sure to be an ever-evolving gem, a commitment similar to what they have made with regard to LAX. Handcrafted Ground Poly and Bespoke Textures With attention to detail, iniBuilds has crafted ground poly and textures to give the runways, aprons, paths, and roads an authentic look and feel. This level of detail also extends to the landside of the airport, featuring custom ground decals, signposts, vegetation, parking barriers, and more. Dynamic Lighting and Highly Detailed Models You can expect a truly immersive experience with accurately modeled and positioned dynamic airport lighting. Moreover, KJFK Airport for MSFS will have highly detailed models of airport buildings, objects, and surroundings that closely resemble the real-world location. Custom Jetways […]

My FS Flights is the ultimate flight tracking and analysis tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator

My FS Flights, a powerful new tool designed to provide detailed analysis and tracking of flights in MSFS and other simulators, is now available for users to try… and get lost in data! My FS Flights provides an array of remarkable capabilities that not only function precisely as promised, but also assist simmers in refining skills and keeping track of progress in flight simulation careers! My FS Flights is easily one of the most comprehensive flight tracking and analysis tools out there. Besides, it’s easy to use, despite the massive amounts of data it presents you, and comes with a painless setup process. There’s an app that runs unobtrusively in the background, capturing and analysing flights in great detail. In each flight, the add-on generates a comprehensive 10-page report that can be easily shared on social media or with friends and family using a simple link. When you first use the web app that centralises all the information, you are greeted with an overview of the app’s features. Among these features is a selection of flight suggestions, which depend on the search criteria entered by the user. That’s right, not only My FS Flights provides extremely detailed data about your […]

SoFly launches Aircraft Checklist Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator

After the release of Weather Preset Pro and A Guide to Flight Simulator, SoFly has released yet another tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator simmers looking to enhance their experience in the sim. Aircraft Checklist Pro is an all-inclusive 80+ page document that provides simmers with aircraft-specific checklists for all default Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft. SoFly built Aircraft Checklist Pro with the goal of covering everything you need to know to get your aircraft from a cold and dark state to the skies and back to the ground again before shutting down. The recently added 40th Anniversary Edition planes and helicopters are also included in this comprehensive selection of checklists. With SoFly’s custom-made application, users can conveniently access the checklists directly from within the simulator via the in-sim toolbar, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience. The tool is also compatible with Parallel 42’s excellent Flow utility. For those who prefer a more traditional document, Aircraft Checklist Pro also comes in a PDF format that can be saved to any device of your choice. Aircraft Checklist Pro includes checklists for over 45 aircraft, ranging from large airliners such as the A310 and B747-8 to smaller aircraft and LSA such as the Cessna […]

Roland Laborie releases the Airbus A400M for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator simmers can now add a new military transport aircraft to their virtual fleet, thanks to developer Roland Laborie, who released this weekend the Airbus A400M. The developer, whose work in MSFS has already brought us the Canadair CL-415 and the Vought Crusader F-8E, promises a native MSFS model for the A400, with a fully interactive virtual cockpit and a good variety of real-world liveries. The Airbus A400M is a high-wing aircraft with four propeller engines, a pressurized cabin, and a rear cargo door. With a maximum payload of 37 tonnes and a range of approximately 3,300 kilometers, it can reach speeds of up to 780 kilometers per hour. The A400M is a versatile aircraft designed for strategic and tactical transport, as well as a tanker, capable of carrying personnel and materials in various configurations. Laborie’s A400M for MSFS boasts a complete model, fully animated virtual cockpit, and external model. The package also includes 3D modeled displays (PFD, MFD, AP, Terrain Follow, MCDU), electrical (AC/DC), hydraulics, air conditioning, pneumatics, HUD-autopilot-autothrottle, and 15 high-resolution liveries. The Airbus A400M is available for purchase on SimMarket for €30.00 (+ VAT where applicable). However, potential buyers should be aware that the quality and […]

Got Friends announces Astro ONE, a personal racing drone for MSFS inspired by Jetson ONE

Got Friends, the innovative group of developers known for their thrilling add-ons for MSFS like the Wilga or the freeware Lake Skipper, has unveiled their latest payware project for the simulator: the Astro ONE! This personal racing drone takes inspiration from the prototype Jetson ONE and looks to offer a similarly exhilarating flying experience in the virtual world of MSFS. Astro ONE was unveiled today and boasts a custom physics engine, flight model, and electrical system built beyond Asobo’s limitations, all achieved through coding without requiring WASMs or external applications. Key features of this innovative new aircraft include: Terrain Tracking and Fly-By-Wire Flying: This ground detection safety mode enables a near hands-free experience as you fly through canyons, follow paths, and skim over lakes. The LIDAR’s Safety Altitude can be adjusted on-the-fly. Sports Mode and Dynamic Boosting: Turn off safety features and maximize power for an adrenaline-filled, high-speed experience. Hover Mode: Automatically stop momentum, center the aircraft, and prepare for landing with this hands-off automated system. Additional Features: Propeller guard extension kits, swappable plexiglass shells, emissive liveries, removable mirrors, rotor-tip lights, foldable arms, and rechargeable batteries – all with persistence. In collaboration with Emerald Scenery Design, who worked on the […]

BlueBird Simulations provides status update on Boeing 757 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Following their recent interview with iFlySimX about the much-awaited Boeing 757 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, BlueBird Simulations has provided a new status update on the latest developments in the project. The team aims to create an engaging, realistic, and accessible experience for all simmers, and their dedication is reflected in the significant progress they have made over the past few months on various aspects of the 757 200/300. In this update, the team has highlighted some of the main updates and enhancements made to the aircraft, along with work-in-progress screenshots: The flight management system (FMS) now includes fully functional LNAV, VNAV, SID, STAR, holding patterns, and more. Custom hydraulic, IRS, and pneumatic systems have been implemented, with more details to follow as additional custom systems are in development. The team has added custom spoiler animations based on different spoiler functions, extension limits, and times. Work on the virtual cabin has begun, promising an immersive in-flight experience. The external model has received numerous additions, particularly detailed wing components, such as flap track mechanisms, spoiler actuators, and wiring harnesses. The virtual cockpit (VC) textures, animations, and various parts have been completely reworked, with a preview expected around the middle of the […]

Captain Sim releases the TIE Fighter for MSFS, an iconic spacecraft from the Star Wars universe

Update, April 12th – It’s gone! Unsurprisingly, Captain Sim’s unlicensed rendition of the TIE Fighter is no longer available. Captain Sim continues to surprise the MSFS community with unexpected new aircraft releases. After launching a C-130 with no virtual cockpit and airliners powered by inaccurate systems, the now infamous developer has turned into something completely different: fictional spacecraft! If you’re into the Star Wars universe then this may actually be pretty cool. Captain Sim has announced the release of a digital replica of the iconic TIE Fighter to celebrate the anniversary of the first human space flight. As we know, Yuri Gagarin became famous by piloting the Soviet-built spacecraft into orbit and thus ensuring the supremacy of the Galactic Empire in humankind’s first years of space exploration. Hmm… Well, the TIE Fighter, or TIE/Ln, is a fictional spacecraft from the iconic Star Wars universe, designed and manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems. Captain Sim’s latest offering allows players to immerse themselves in the experience of piloting this icon of popular culture within the realistic environment of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The exterior of the digital replica boasts a detailed and accurate model that, at first glance, actually looks pretty good. That’s always Captain […]