Animals for Microsoft Flight Simulator to release on September 26th

SoFly’s strangely interesting “Animals” for Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to launch on September 26th, 2023. Announced during FlightSimExpo 2023 in Houston, this add-on will be available via SoFly and Orbx on PC, with an Xbox version also in the works, although the release date for that is yet to be confirmed.

For those wondering about the cost, Animals will be priced at £11.99 / $14.99 USD / $22.95 AUD (plus local taxes). But what do you get for that price? The promise of a flight simulation experience revolutionized by the addition of over 5,000 animals in more than 280 locations globally.

SoFly says this is a global add-on that brings the world to life. Whether you’re flying over the African plains or the Australian outback, you’ll encounter animals that have been meticulously crafted with high-quality 3D modeling, enriched with PBR, and detailed texturing. The package also features authentic, randomly generated audio effects for each animal, adding another layer of immersion to your flights.

To help you find all this new life in the simulator, SoFly includes five new missions for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first mission serves as an interactive user manual, introducing you to the product. The other four are discovery flights that cover all the included animals, complete with educational voiceovers. If you’re worried about the difficulty of finding these animals, fear not. You can use the in-sim fauna POI markers and a filter in the main map menu to make your animal-spotting easier.

SoFly has big plans for Animals, aiming to make it an evolving, long-term project. The first update is already planned for before the end of the year, adding five additional creatures and more of the current ones. Special community events, sightseeing tours, and some surprises for 2024 are also on the horizon. And for those curious about compatibility with MSFS 2024, while details about the new simulator are still scarce, SoFly intends to bring this add-on to the new version, filling in any gaps in the animal kingdom that the new simulator might have.

For those who like to keep track, a complete list of all animals and their locations is available in this spreadsheet.

So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a journey that promises not just new destinations but also new inhabitants in the incredibly detailed world of MSFS. What will you discover on your next flight? Set your alarms for September 26th and find out!


Over 5,000 independently placed animals across the entire world

Find animals across the world in accurate geographical locations

15 different animal types that cover different types of species from the animal kingdom

High quality 3D modelling, with a number of animations for each creature giving them lifelike realism

Every animal has their own sequence giving them a sense of their own free will for a fun viewing experience

Top quality audio effects, played randomly for each animal giving a sense of life in your simulator

5 new missions that give you the opportunity to find and spot animals and learn about them in rich detail

Authentic voice overs giving you educational information about each animal included with our pack

Works with Parallel 42 ‘Scenes’ to enhance those airfields (42HV, 42HB, 42MG, 42MX, 42BC, 42ST)

Free updates planned to add new animals and locations over time

New Animals Included:



Blue Whales


Sperm Whale









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