Aeroplane Heaven to bring the legendary Hawker Hurricane to MSFS

In another exciting announcement for warbird enthusiasts, Aeroplane Heaven has announced that the venerable Hawker Hurricane is set to storm into Microsoft Flight Simulator before the end of this year. Through a short post on the company’s Facebook page, they revealed the first preview images of the aircraft along with an estimated release before Christmas.

This isn’t the first time Aeroplane Heaven has tackled this World War II classic, having brought it to FSX and P3D in 2020.

The real-world Hawker Hurricane is a legendary fighter that played a pivotal role during the Battle of Britain, famed for its resilience and contribution to the Allied war effort. Its design was a combination of traditional and modern techniques, with a fabric-covered fuselage, wooden propeller on early models, and a metal frame.

For MSFS simmers, the Hurricane offers a chance to experience flying a piece of history. Pilots can immerse themselves in the challenge of mastering a 1940s warbird with its unique flying characteristics and historical significance. It’s a tribute to aviation heritage, providing an authentic experience of flying one of the most important aircraft of World War II.

Keep an eye on for further news as Aeroplane Heaven prepares to deliver an immersive blend of history and simulation with the Hawker Hurricane. They also have the Lancaster in advanced development so who knows if we will end up with two new historical warbirds in our hangars before the end of this year. Stay tuned!

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